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    Acrylgel vs Gel nails


    Acrylic vs Gel nails; Not nessecarily!

    Crocus Acrylgel lies between acrylic and gel nails. Its soft texture makes it easy to work with, it allows quick application and the results are durable artificial nails. Available in a jar for material saving.

    Acrylgel products
    Nail drill bits

    Nail Drill Bits

    Carbide, ceramic or diamond drill bits?

    The key for a peerfrect Russian Combi Manicure is is - in addition to the proper technique - the appropriate tools for artificial nails. Ceramic bits, οι carbite bits και οι diamond drill bits are used for a variety of tasks, such as removing semi-permanent manicure, removing menus, tread stiffness, etc.

    Nail drill bits
    Onyoplasty book

    Onyoplasty book

    Gel Salon Nails: How to apply step-by-step

    Anna Telmanova, Creator of Crocus products puts you in the secrets of artificial nails . Learn how to create stunning results with Nail Gel, from the top and most recognized professional of her kind in the entire country!
    The onyoplastic book that should not be missed by any nail care professional!

    Onyoplasty Book
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